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About data center facility

“Mori no miyako Data center” is equipped with high security meant to prepare for future hazards. This saved the facility from any damage by the Great Tohoku Earthquake on March 11, 2011. With our private power generator, we maintained performance.

Seismic system

We were completely unharmed by the Great Tohoku Earthquake, which was said to be the most powerful through observation history. (Magnitude 9.0)
Constructed with strong seismic functions, base isolated free access floor for computer room, and quake-resistant free access floor in the office will ensure to keep your data safe.

Power system

UPS power source with common spare system from power reception part to load part.
Also equipped with private power generator in case of emergency.
Maintained performance even after Great Tohoku Earthquake.

Air control system

With redundant configuration with a subsystem, we established a trustworthy air control system.
For safety, outside air is always ventilated.
In room environment is always secure at all times, even in an emergency.

Fire extinguishing system

Super high sensitive smoke detection system and automatic fire alarm will correspond immediately to fires.Of course N2 type is used to prevent water damage.


About data center security

At “Mori no miyako Data center” , we are equipped with the following 5 security measures to ensure clients’ data.

Entrance and exit management

Check by IC card and fingerprint scan. Never allow outsiders to enter.

Monitoring system

We installed 15 digital surveillance cameras. Monitoring at all times, and record footage 24 hours a day.

Intrusion countermeasures

Has security system to notify violence from outside. Once sensed, security service will be contacted immediately.

Security system

Round-the-clock monitoring by security service. Not dependent on machine, we put strength in total trustworthy system.

Integrated surveillance

Through the installation of the monitoring room, we do machine room entrance and exit management, network monitoring, and server monitoring 24 hours a day 365 days an year.


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